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Friday, January 2, 2009

Series of Unfortunate Events?

How transparent should I be here? How honest is ok?

Christmas? Pretty much sucked (and I am VERY much against that word) The plan was to go to my in laws an hour away. My husband was schedueld to work, we got sick, our van broke down (repairs between $700-$800) THEN we lost the key to our garage. I have whined before about how we have only one way into our garge--the large, sliding door. We have only one key to that door. We are sooo ridiculous with that key. it doesnt leave the house. It has its own large stuffed aniumal keychain. We have tried and tried to have a copy made but no one will do it. ?????? So, after 8 hours of working hard not to lose the key. WE LSOT THE KEY.

We decided to celebrate with our small family on Christmas eve. We had no money for food. We had a turkey frozen from the Thanksgiving package delivered to us. My mother in law had given me some presents to wrap for our kids. We celebrated. In between looking for the key that is. We searched and searched. And we searched some more. Didnt wnat to call a locksmith on a holiday AND we have 0 money. Our checking account may actually be overdrawn but we arent going to go there right now.

Our 12 year old son is being a HUGE pain. He has hormonal issues. But his mother has enough hormonal issues for the whole family. His eight year old sister is crying and doesnt know why and wants to be nine. His little brother is 2. We have no room for his hormonal issues right now. That may not be *right* it may not be fair. But we have no room for it right now. PERIOD.

Christmas day. 12 year old is sick and hacking and coughing and cannot seem to blow his nose on tissue cleanly but on EVERYTHING else in sight. No vehichle, no way to lock garage, no father. My inlaws call repeatedly to yell at me. Somehow, they think I have more power over the universe than I actually do. I listened. They passed the phone back and forth and I listened. They yelled. My husbands grandparents were driving down to the same place we were. Only they realized last minute that it was too much for Grandpa. (I want so badly to loudly say DUH but I have been a big person so far)My husbands uncle comes and picks up our 10 year old and eight eyar old to go down with our presents to them. They have my eight year old call me 5 times to tell me that we COULD come if we wanted. Somehow they didnt get that we dont want to at this point.

My mother in law doesnt have heat. They dont have trash pick up. She just had surgery and is having trouble picking up her home. All the food was purchased by her mom (who lives blocks from me) and driven the hour to their house. I offered to host Christmas here. Grandpa could come and go as he pleased the few blocks between us and not be stuck anywhere. There was no having that.

Maybe holidays are harder for me not having an extended family of my own. Not having fond family memories. Maybe it si me. But being stuck with no car, and no husband (and no meals) and being yelled at are not anyone's choice of a holiday.

I missed church the next week to "guard" the garage. I had someone comment (not from our church) that it was all going to burn up anyway and we shouldnt even lock our house. We do live in a high crime area. I am going to say that I NEED my washer and dryer. Maybe I shouldnt but especially without a vehichle I feel that I do need them. maybe that makes me spiritually inmature. Maybe I want to be a good steward. maybe this person isnt the one to make that judgement call :)

When my eight year old and ten year old were picked up to be shuttled to their grandparents for Christmas, they brought along books to read in the car. Their great uncle watching tehm get in commented on the title of one of the books and how fitting it was for this Christmas, "A Series of Unfortunate Events."

Since then, we were able to get a temporary fix for our van for $40. We were able to fix the garage door for $20.00. (what a pain and series of *funny* stories THAT was) and we were loaned $170 for groceries. Things are looking better.....And I am planning Christmas NEXT year.