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Saturday, October 22, 2011


Went to a drs appt that could have been the beginning of a really BIG deal. All turned out well but I was still shooken up. Was in the same town as Costco etc but just didnt have any money to spend or want to. My son and I walked quickly through our favorite GoodWill. And I heard my 13 year old say, "hey" like he was greeting an old friend. He came accross this:

which matches THESE

that we already own. and I told you about HERE. We found them at the same GoodWill which can only get my wheels turning: Are there more waiting for us in the back?

Our long lost friend sells is a Pasta Serving Dish in the Vallarta pattern from Pier One. It sells on for 94.95. 

I also see them in her house

 Molly Ringwald (Anne Juergens  on Secret Life of the American Teenager)  and feel a little stalkerish. In many episodes someone is holding a Vallarta coffee cup nad you can often see the dishes displayed in a hutch in the background of kitchen scenes.

Our "new" bowl was ours for.........would you believe 2.99?

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Catch up and some good deals to share...

I have so much to tell you and am wondering how much you'd like to hear:) Life is been very very busy here including a death in the family and memoria services and burial and toddlers and teens and I am doing a lot of reflection.

Money is getting very very tight here AND it looks like my husband may be laid off soon. Looking for more and more ways to stretch every penny.

I have been watching Extreme Couponers. I have my own stockpile (that I'm not going to show embarrassing pictures of at the moment) When something that we use (like mustard, toilet paper, or diapers) hits rock bottom prices I stock up. I haven't ventured into buying coupons or making spreadsheets. Not that I'm opposed to it. Mostly because I just don't have time. But I am considering it. I picked up some affilaites that offer free coupons. Check them out and let me know what you use!

Here is a free subscription to American Baby magazine

Have you ladies seen Hautelook? They had some GREAT deals on Fall boots today. I need to save some money somewhere and get on there. They do offer $10 for any referrals I please if you do go there go through my link :)

Another great find is NoMoreRack. Every day they have 8 amazing deals that last only that day. My husband has been looking for a cord to hook up his Ipod touch to our tv. Today, they had one for 99 cents, including shipping. ANNNND....there is something that you can do for me:) They are offering incentives for signing up friends. You don't need to buy anything but if you sign up at the site to get info on their daily deals I COULD earn and Ipad. Check it out and see if its worth it to you HERE.

These are my two new best friends:

LOVE LOVE LOVE Murphys Oil. use it for everything. Seriously...

there is a 50 cents off coupon to print here:

Our rental has over 1000 square feet of travertine stone. Its beautiful and at times I feel like a slave to it. I mop and mop and still my feet turn black. YUCK!! I ordered one of these babies:

a Hoover Spin and Scrub Hard Floor Cleaner

refurbished from Ebay (with gift cards I bought at Vons to get money off gas)

It is easy to use AND I am getting gallons of dirty water. We're talking coffee-esque black water. Apparently all that mopping and cleaning was for nothing. I cant decide if I'm stoked to have the dirt away or highly embarrassed that it was there in the first place.

I'll be back soon:) Are you geared up for Fall? Our decorating and celebrating keeps being interrupted by Indian Summer:)

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