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Friday, September 25, 2009

On the Moshing Floor

It has been a LOOONG and lame few weeks. I wish I could do something to comfort my son. To stop the progression of his disease. To find a treatment. Ive got nothing. I heard about a free concert in town. FREE. IN TOWN. There were a few bands that I know my son has been listening to and studying. (do you remember doing that? pouring over their lyrics like fine poetry?)

High Flight Society

Ashes Remain

A Rotterdam November



Ive listened to them and approve. I am sooo nosy like that. So I called my husband who was just about due home from working 20 hours...

I quickly grabbed these:

and headed out. Then realized that I was old. So I grabbed this guy. Who is by far the best friend and young man I can think of. Love this kid.

Later in the night, I ran around the floor with my lame camera and snapped pictures of polie kids up REAL CLOSE. They didn't appreciate the flash much. Good times. Thats where this picture came from :)

It didn't occur to me to drop my "child" off. Oh no. There I was standing on the floor realizing that somewhere along the line I have gotten old.

Note,the big Goliath looking guy there. Now, HES old. Ancient. He got off work very late and screeched into town to stand guard behind his sweet daughters and protect them from the Mosh Pit and sweaty, stinky boys. He took a few elbow jabs to the ribs. Man, I wish he were there during my punk show days. At one point, during a slow song, he took out his Iphone with a Zippo lighter application and waved it.
I guffawed VERY VERY loud, even with ear plugs in.

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