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Thursday, October 9, 2008


It has been a strange week for me. I KNOW that my hormones are still wacky. I have been trying to prepare for camping and to evacuate for termite fumigation. I dont know how to do either.

I have been camping once before in my life and my husband isnt going on this trip. I have been trying to figure out how warm to dress to sleep outside and what I will need for a two year old and newborn camping....

The fumigation company says that we dont need to wipe anything down or take anything out (except baby matresses) don't need to wash dishes or anything else....we just cant buy that line. We wnat matresses out, food gone, anything baby related somewhere else, toys out....But where do we draw the line. We dont know because we really dont know what we are dealing with. They say we can come right back in. We want to clean first and air the house out for atleast a day...Are we going overboard? Should we just listen to the professionals? We dont want any regrets.

My head had really been spinning.

Im not a very organized person. Things work out and I adjust. Im not too keen on rules and not too cooperative with them either. As a driver, I respect the driving laws and see the need for them. As a parent, I see the need for and the use of rules and schedules. As a homemaker, I value lists....

Thinking through my fumigation and camping trips have made me more grateful for Chirst showing us himself and his standards through Scripture. My head doesnt need to normally spin-He has shown us what is important. Our emotions dont need to dictate right and wrong we dont need to change our standards and boundaries at whim. some things are black and white--They are in there :)