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Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Preperations....

"Normally," we start our celebrating 40 days ahead with a family devotional, candle lighting, Resurrection Eggs, and plenty of decorations....

Nothing happened this year. Around here, there was just alot of uneventful laundry and meals ????

One Palm Sunday we sat down and read Scripture together and talked about Jesus Procession.

Our Resurrection Egg held a donkey. We talked of the humility it brought to recognition of our Savior.

We cuddled up on the couch, under "Cowboy Blanket"

and watched this guy on TV....

my camera
was a gift. Although a very thoughtful and generous gift, it never worked very well and has helped many a "big kid" take pictures of their younger siblings. One child stepped on it, hard, last week. My husband dropped it, hard, yesterday. I took it apart with needle nose pliers AND if I play with it JUST right I can get it to work. Sometimes.

I am, not so secretly coveting this:

and one of these:
from HERE

I DO have a birthday coming up and am trying to figure out swoopo where the 1,200 camera I want just soold for 46.00 plus the cost of bids and shipping.......I still dont have any money for it wether I can justify it or not--BUT how can we have Easter and a toddler on the hunt for eggs and a baby's first Easter without a working camera?

***If you too are curious about swoopo auctions, email me and I'll email you back a link. :)