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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Excuse me?

I sold newspapers over the phone. I have solicited donations for many organizations over the phone. I get that people are just doing their job...

So the phone rings..."this is a call about your current credit account, there is no problem with your current account. We are calling to lower your interest rate."
Fine I'll play along. "push 1 to speak to a representative"

Young guy says, "are you calling about lowering your interest rate."

I say "yes"

He says, "do you have at least 3,000 in debt"

I say, kindly, and with a smile: "I need to be taken off your list. I am getting a few of these calls a day."

He says, "Why did you lie?"


you said you called about lowering your interest rate

I AM responding to the call about lowering your interest rate. I need to be taken off your list.

But you said...

I don't answer to you and I need to be taken off the list immediately. (I hung up)

AARGH!!!!!!! I want to be nice. Why can't people respect that! I'm glad that I bit my tongue and wasn't more direct and didn't engage him longer.
There's a glitch in my patience for today. Accusing me of lying? Like I was wasting his time. Them are fighting words

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and the hat goes tooo..................


Rose said...
children? preteens? I want one for myself!! those are precious!!!! pick me pick me!
btw: adorable blog..

June 29, 2009 11:48 AM

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