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Friday, June 5, 2009

"Don't Judge Me"

I really do have great kids. We don't tolerate name calling or allow bad language. ANY. (what does happen here is subtle and we jump on it) They are kind and nurturing to their younger siblings and look forward to spending time with them....Then comes a toddler. They are an unruly people. We were worried that our little man wouldn't talk. He now screams during hymn singing at church, "No sing Mommy. You can't sing." He has picked up some words that he did not get from me. Little boy potty humor words. Hmmmm? He is wild and takes a lot of patience. But he is sooooo funny. He says the funniest things but they are usually naughty :)

His newest thing. In his cute little toddler voice is to look you straight in the face and say "Don't judge me!"