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Thursday, November 27, 2008


Timing of our Thanksgiving was a little weird this year....

My husband had to pick what holiday he wanted off for the year. He chose Thanksgiving. Our extended family then chose to celebrate on Friday this he used up the paid time off he had saved and we didnt get together. I am NOT a cook and did not want to make a huge meal :) I also didnt want to invade someone else's family meal. We were very blessed and thought of by a new friend. Her church delivered a HUGE box of food to our doorstep.

Wednesday nights we usually meet with a few families to do a Bible Study. We met and did Thanksgiving things. Our children made handprint turkeys:<

And made pictures wrting out what they are thankful for:

Ate little mini pumpkin tarts made with goats' milk.

And roasted chestnuts over an open fire. Seriosuly. They were really good.

We ate little pumpkin pie tarts, made with goats' milk)

On Thursday we ate banana pancakes and turkey bacon and snacks. (We NEVER snack, so this was great fun :) Watched football, played board games, hung out together. There was also some Gameboy playing and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory watching. And we looked up verses on Thanksgiving and talked about what that should mean ALL year.

I didnt plan black Friday this year. (I didnt have any money to and my husband was working) Our kids wanted to get up at 4 am with me and go (I appreciate that) but not this year :)

I DID decide to venture out and get a dresser. I have three sons who need dressers :( I saw one on Craigslist, near here and $20.00. I called and made arrangements to get it. Went over there today to pick it up and he said not to pay him. HUH? He had said God Bless and then said that we didnt need to pay him. I didnt "really" have the money to pay him. I did and i didn't, ya know. But it really amazed me that God blesses us and will use who he wants. I don't need to go around with this huge sob story explaining how hard everything is and competing over who is poorer. God knows what we need, and don't, and He IS in control.

My friend Kathleen was soo sad taht she didnt get to cook for us on Thanksgiving. What? Seriously. SOOO she came over today and made a turkey and some stuff. I didnt really want to be "stuck" here all day making a turkey and not be able to see my husband's family. It all worked out though.

Im being very transparent showing you my kitchen. Not really magazine quality. Keep in mind that this is a rental and that we desperately want to move. Unfinished wood, no knobs, doors falling off, drawers shattered. no quality whatsoever. The other side had no cabinets at all and friends of our surprised us last Christmas with a wall of cabinets for the other side.

I wasn't really "into" Thanksgiving this year. it felt more like a stepping stone to Christmas :( Normally I am gungho about the Auntumn season and make it a lot of fun. Im not sure why not this year. The day itself was blah....I am finding more and more that my nuclear family is it and not worrying about it. We are having fun together and our children are dreaming about having cousins for THEIR children, and about the futures of their younger siblings. That warms my heart.

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