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Saturday, April 21, 2012

40th Birthday Bash recap

 It has arrived!! In honor of me turning 40, today begins the Birthday Bash at Having a Hallelujah Good Time! Lots and lots of giveaways for you to win! In case you missed anything....

Let's count up our party loot and all the great chances to win:

Someone is going to have a new party dress,

A Fabric Tie Dress from the PinkaDink:

Your choice of corsage from The Vanilla Tulip:

Your choice of felt hat from Let 'em Be Little:

A georgous Infinity Scarf from Something Diane Made:

Your choice of charm from The TinkerBBoutique:

A copy of For Instruction in Righteousness from Doorposts:

A $50 gift certificate to Lisa Leonard Designs:

A $25 Gift Certificate from the Pleated Poppy:

We'll clean up the festivities with:
A bottle of Basic H from Simple Nutrition:

AND, from Stephanie's Scentsy's shop, new Washer Whiffs and Dryer Discs in Coconut Lemongrass:
 A new blog header, grab button and layout freshening ($50 value) from:

A handmade Pom Pom garland, similiar to this one in Kimmie's newly revealed kitchen:

and ad space on her blog:

AND because more is merrier you can have an extra entry into EACH giveaway by posting this button on your blog!

Pleated Poppy giveaway- (40th birthday bash)

Love Love love the

I have this beautiful beautiful beauty:

is it bad that it makes me happy?

I am so excited to offer you a $25 gift certificate to Lindseys amazing shop:

there are many many amazing things there, like:

Aren't they just amazing and adorable and so so fun? Which is your favorite? Enter and good luck!!

Better Than Normal (40th Birthday Bash)

For my little man's birthday I wanted something fun and special and made just for him. When you are the youngest of 5 and the fourth boy not much is purchased for you specifically and nothing has YOUR first name on it:) I found exactly the thing at Better Than Normal.

Great shop with fun fun stuff, great craftmanship and good prices:)

My little buddy has worn that crown atleast 4 times a week ever since. (It has been years) It has held up very very well and is still a big hit.

Take a look at some of the great crowns at BetterThanNormal:

Guess who's generously offering one of our readers a crown of their choice? Yep!

You can win your very own crown!! What are you waiting for it! Get to it!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Doorposts Giveaway! (Birthday Bash)

When my daugher was born I was given a present. Something that I had read about and wanted and looked at and something that has shaped our family ever since.

I cannot say enough great things about this resource. It's not a "how to discipline" guide. It is more of a parenting concordance discussing mistakes and conundrums that little ones get into and the real root sin involved and verses that correlate.

I am so excited about the Forster family and their ministry. There is such a grace involved. Never have I gotten an attitude of "well I do it this way why don't you?" But they give a brief and humble account of what works in their home just in case it could bless you in some way. I have been blessed through their lives in so so many ways.

Today the Forster family and is allowing me to bless you through them.
We are giving away a copy of For Instruction in Righteousness. 

****Thank you for being a member of Having a Hallelujah Good Time before entering  any of the Birthday Bash Giveaways

a Rafflecopter giveaway Woo hoo!!

The Vanilla Tulip (40th Birthday Bash)

Have you met Ashley

and wandered around over at her corner of cyberspace known as 

You really really should!

Ashley is a true sweetheart! She has just started

where there are all sorts of great tips and kindred spirits.

and she also has a GREAT shop:

Check these out:


Aren't they just perfect?

In honor of today's festivities, Ashley is offering one very lucky reader their choice of corsage pin.

Scentsy Giveaway (40th Birthday Bash)

 I introduced you to my friend Stepahnie and shared my respect and love for Scentsy. Even after her generous giveaway just a few weeks ago. Stephanie is back and bringing another great giveaway.

Gosh I feel loved:)

Stephanie has something new for us to try! the new Washer Whiffs and Dryer Discs in Coconut Lemongrass

Our family LOVES this scent and is really excited about this new product:) Love that we are able to share it with you!  Enter now and good luck!!

**You do need to be a follower of Having a Hallelujah Good Time to enter any of the Birthday Bash giveaways :) Thank you,

Sugar and Dots Giveaway! (40th Birthday Bash)

What is a party without decorations and friends?


has a Pom Pom garland for us!! You can have your very own that will look a lot like this own hanging in her newly revealed dining room/kitchen. How fun is that?

AND to bring the friends to your own party Kimmie is offering up
Premium ad space($50 value) on
Kimmie is amazing in so many areas and rocks them all. If you haven't spent a few days just reading through her posts; You should. She is also a great blogging friend. She made the button for this event for me because she thought I might need one (she was very right) she has held a fundraiser for my son, and just been a good friend in general. Those can be hard to come by.

Let's get back to the party! Enter away and good luck!!

**You must be a follower of Having a Hallelujah Good Time to take part in any of the Birthday Bash Giveaways

A Giveaway from The PinkaDink (40th Birthday Bash)

 LOVE LOVE LOVE the clothes and accessories at The PinkaDink.

And...what would a party be without a new party dress?

Head over to The PinkaDink and look at the adorableness, and quality in her line.

Andrea is sharing a beautiful creation with us, the Fabric Tie Dress:

Andrea is a mom to three little ones who has been running a daycare in her home but will soon be sewing from home full time to stay at home full time. (Think she wants me to write that on her business cards?) I love that and love that Having a Hallelujah Good Time could introduce you to her and maybe help her along. AND I love that I can offer YOU such a high quality and adorable item. Please enter and tell Andrea that we sent you:)

**You must be a follower of Having a Hallelujah Good Time to enter any of the 40th Birthday Bash Giveaways

a Rafflecopter giveaway

A giveaway from TinkerBBoutique (40th Birthday Bash!)

Melanie of TinkerBBoutique

has just joined our party and brought awesome party favors!
Who wants to win one of these?

Yeah! Me too :)
See below for many ways to enter to win your very own pendant made by Melanie!

**You must be a follower of Having a Hallelujah Good Time to enter any of the 40th Birthday Bash Giveaways


Simple Nutrition Giveaway (Birthday Bash)

Amanda. Gosh I love her. She is the oldest of 10 children. Our families have spent A LOT of time together. A LOT of time. Through good times and bad times. I have gotten to know Amanda as a child, and as an adult. I have a lot of respect for her and for the way she has become a young woman without rebellion and without the sneaking and lying and mistakes that many of us considered part of growing up.

I have been watching and taking notes as many people a few steps ahead of me are letting go of their teens and young adults as they start their own lives. I am watching strong, smart and respectful Amanda do it and we could all take notes. Amanda is at home, with her parents, going to school and praying for her future spouse. As she prepares to be a mom and wife she has been looking into her health and fitness and God opened the doors to Shaklee. Amanda researched and learned about Shaklee and it's benefits for her life and she now has a succesful business brewing. A business that will continue to thrive when she steps back to plan a wedding and chase toddlers, whenever that may be. If only I had my ducks in a row way back then. Like I said: We should be taking notes.

Be sure to visit Amanda's blog:  MandisMusings

Amanda knows how to have a party and is the kind of friend who would stay for the clean up and lend a hand. She has brought us something near and dear to my heart.
She will be giving away a bottle of Basic H:

I got my first bottle over a year ago and have been using t for EVERYTHING that I do. EVERYTHING. Any cleaning that I do I honestly use this stuff. OK for scrubbing out the sinks and cleaning the oven I do use Shaklee's Scour Off. But to clean windows, clothing stains, my travertine stone, carpets, and everything else I use Basic H. What is more amazing is that it is so concentrated that I have been using the same bottle for years.

**You must be a follower of Having a Hallelujah Good Time to enter any of the 40th Birthday Bash Giveaways

40? Really, ok.

I turned 40 today. I am OK with that. I know how cliched it sounds but it is hard to believe that I have a child learning to dtive and am storing high chairs in the garage instead of filling two of them around the table. Timdes they are changing....

I'm OK with aging but the actual birthDAY itself is hard for me. The well meaning "what are you doing for your birthday?" throws me for a loop. Uh....child rearing and discipline and meal preparation and laundry and....hopefully in there somewhere but life just doesn't stop. I wasn't able to pull off a huge getaway, make time stop day for me. Shouldn't someone else make that happen for me instead of asking ME what I am doing to honor me? Wouldn't ya think?

SOOOOO I pulled together some blogging friends and businesses and have some great party swag in store for you!! Stay close today and watch for some amazing giveaways and many ways to enter!

Lisa Leonard Designs Giveaway (40th Birthday Bash)

I am so excited about this giveaway. Lisa Leonard is an inspiration to me in soo many ways.

Everyone has seen her amazing jewelry and decorations:

Her blog is AMAZING. She has this ability to bring beauty and thankfulness to the mundane and make them seem not so mundane.
She brings an amazing style to everything she does. Have you seen her amazing outifts on WIWW?
But what really got me was that she made jewelry to stay at home with her boys and the honesty and depth she trusted us with when she shared the heartache of having a child with a disability.

I am honored to journey with her on her blog and to share this awesome giveaway with you!

**You must be a follower of Having a Hallelujah Good Time to enter any of the 40th Birthday Bash Giveaways (be sure to check out the other giveaways!)