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Friday, October 31, 2008

October 31, 2008

Today was doomed to be a LOONG day. We had a homeschooling co-op at 9:00 am with an active two year old and nursing 3 month old in tow. Our van registration is due. It needs to be smogged. We didn't have the money untl getting paid today and it must be done before am taking 5 kiddos with me to DMV and mechanic. I thought we would go for a walk while it was being done....I called to get an appt and they were full. I found a new place and am not sure where it is. It rained. We can't go for a walk if it is raining.....

I dont like Halloween. I dont like the spooky decorations...I dont like any of it. At all. I dont like feeling like I HAVE to do something or listen to children bang on my door.....Our church is having a Reformation party tonight.

My hormones are acting up and Im feeling self concious, sad, tired and just want to curl up in a ball and cry..but I have all these things that HAVE to be done TODAY.

EVERYTHING went sooo well. Went to co-op, came home and little ones napped. Found mechanic on time: very kid friendly place with FREE standing video games and a little toy toddler area. Van passed just fine. Went to DMV, no line, went right through AND they gave me candy.

Only downer so far is the automatic van door. Broken. My child decided to close the door ekectronically, friend's child decided no and held on to it. Door now doesn't work. Sounds like it was innocent and not truly "their fault." Maybe they were both obnoxious. (wait, I know they both are)