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Thursday, September 2, 2010

The countdown has begun

Still don't feel ready for school. I got organized, made a schedule, made chore charts, moved some furniture around, keeping having pep talks with my kids and long cleaning sessions. Now Im tryign to shove some more fun Summer stuff in before Labor Day. We still have birthdays between now and then:)

Holidays are an event for me. I LOOVE them all (except for maybe Halloween:)My kids really are my world and I want them to know how special they are. If not on their birthday then when? My time is so packed as it is and it's hard to fit anything else in. I cannot make a boxed cake. Seriously. you would not believe how many nights before birthdays I have spent in tears. We live on a very limited income. We have been so blessed with 5 children. ALL summer birthdays. We don't buy expensive or extravagant gifts. BUT if we plan a special birthday dinner or buy themed paper plastes there goes our budget. One of the problems with not having family traditions to pass down is the temptation to pass down all of everyone elses. Do you see my dilemma?

Our 3 year old turns 4 on Friday and our 9 year old daughter turns 10 on Monday. My husband is working and then on Saturday I am working....when?

WELL! We have this new friend. Great great friend. Who asked if she could come over with a birthday cake? Uh YES PLEASE!! We have another sweet friend who offered to take pictures of the progression of Nate's Scleroderma. On the same day. INSTANT PARTY!! and here it is:

And here are some pictures of Nate. I had no idea how hard it would be. Apparently one of the points of photography is to use light that softens imperfections and hides features. that isn't what we were looking for:)

She was able to take over 100 in differnt lights and at different angles. CVS is having a print one 8x10 and get one free special this week. I also had $2.00 off. I was able to upload and print photos to take to his Drs visit next week:)

Feeling pretty accomplished and at peace. Mostly just very blessed:)