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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Try it out and help me out?

I am really excited about Shaklee cleaning products

AND looking for some "extra" food money. I do not have the time or energy to start a business right now. There is a special going on right now that may help us both. If you go look around the Shaklee site and find products that you'd like to try, you will receive 15% your first order. If you purchase more than $30 I will also receive products. If you fall in love like I have I could become a distributor and meet all your cleaning supply needs. If not, you got a great deal on inexpensive, helping products that do what you want them to and feel no pressure.
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There are many many fan pages written about this baby here:

and I agree and they are true and I use it and like it and all but I CANNOT keep enough of this stuff aound

all natural, made from cherry pits and actually made MY sink and oven clean. With NO scrubbing. I believed that it would but figured it would also be a lot of work. NOPE. I also made new again three large stainless steel pots that I had burnt stuff on. (I know I know I am a natural before and after challenge:)

I can rave about these products but there are two ladies that do SUCH a better job...check out their how tos and before and afters (they also offer give aways from time to time ;)

I honestly do suggest that you try their cleaning supplies. I haven't even ventured into laundry and dishes yet :) Wanna join me on this journey and try them out with me? Id really really appreciate if you go through

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