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Monday, March 11, 2013

Social Media (come join me)

I haven't meant to slow down blogging--I think the reason that I have slowed down is due to the time that Im spending on  Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook:) That and sharing a computer with two teens.

Are you on Instagram?

Come follow me! I am CaMomto5
There are so many beautiful things around us and so much joy that can be captured with just a quick picture. I have found it a truly neat way to connect with others and share joy. There is a great community there.

Do you use Pinterest?

It works for me!
I have heard a lot of complaints about it wasting time or making you feel inadequate.
For me it has been just the opposite. I have always "meant to" tear pages out of magazines (I have many stacks) and remember all the webistes that I may need later. Pinterest was just the help I needed. Being electronic it doesnt cause any clutter in our home and frees up mental space for me. Kudos all around!! Apparently, I have much better taste and ideas than the time. talent and money to complete them. Soo, for now: I PIN :)

Is there anyone NOT onFacebook?

Facebook is another thing that others complain sucks time but for me has been a timesaver. I'd like to get more conversations going on the Having a Hallelujah Good Time page. When I see a great deal or want to share a quick link, it is so much easier for me to quickly post on Facebook then to write up a blog post.

How has social media helped you? Any time saving tips?