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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Party or Pack

I mentioned earlier that we MAY be moving. We are looking and we probably should move, then again we dont have the money (or time or energy or resources) to move and probably shouldn't.

We don't own a refridgerator! Would we have any help? We have way too much stuff! we have a two year old! We have two babies in our room and our daughter's room gets covered in mildew! Our dining room table no longer fits in this dining room! Think of all the cleaning involved in moving after 7+ years! We need to come up with first month's rent and a deposit and deposits to hook up electricity and gas and water and....

SO..I wondered about celebrating birthdays--what if we move first. Our baby is outgrowing his newborn clothes--do I get out a box of clothes and wash them and pack the smaller? Do I get out our Autumn things and decorate for the seasons? Normally, I would, but are we moving? I still havent packed up maternity and non-breastfeeding clothes either.

I did get out some Autumn tableclothes and wash them. Today is Saturday, my husband was working, my oldest son went on a 6 mile hike with Boy Scouts. I took my two middle children to an art class at the library and chased after my refusing to nap two year old and waiting to nurse/crying two month old. Long long hour and a half. When we got home I put my toddler down for a nap and did two more loads of laundry in an effort to "catch up." I found some cookies! I yelled out to my older "I found cookies! Wanna have tea! Pick out a tablecloth" The table was set, water set to bowl, china out, Autumn mugs ready, places set....Kudos to efficiency!! My daughter just turned 8 but is such an asset to me personally--this must be what it feels like to have a personal assistant. Except that I wouldn't have to referree a personal asistant yelling at her brothers, atleast I dont *think* I would.