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Monday, January 7, 2013

Seasonal Decorating?

If you were to ask me if I decorate, I'd answer "no" and whine something about money or time or ability....Yet, I was looking over pictures of our front mantle and she keeps changing:

Come to think of it so does the furniture surrounding the fireplace...I also noticed that I don't like most of these pictures and that every year the scape gets a little better:) I guess this is working for me.
My deep question for today is when do you decorate for Valentine's Day?
A Season I get: there is a start and a finsiha nd you shoot for somewhere around there and it builds. But when the Holiday is a one day thing....Do we start in early February? Do I just start now? I'm feeling that I'm both jumping the gun and behind...
What sorts of things do you do to celebrate Valentines Day around the house? Any traditions or things to share?