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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Organization here we come!!

A "typical" day in our homeschool life, huh? I have been trying to figure out what I want and need that to look like. Perhaps a good time to join the ladies at:
Heart of the Matter for A Day in the Life of Week.

I am not an organized person and I tend to color outside the lines. I also don't want to MISS anything! I have told you how much I love the Maxwell family's MOTH system.

I found thee most AMAZING planner!! The Well Planned Day

It includes Catechism questions and Scripture passages for memorization, tear out grocery lists, places to document each child's schedule and transcript info....everything I would have never thought to include and many I didn't realize I need but really do. There is also a planner available for high school and one for junior high. We may be moving on to those soon:)

Our oldest is heading into high school and I have been meaning to map out his 4 years. I have felt like my kids just aren't cooperating lately and I KNOW that a schedule will conquer this. But when do I find the time? I KNOW that I need to schedule every minute so that my littles aren't overlooked or underfoot...but where do I find the time??

I had a God sent opportunity this week. An amazing lady in my life has graduated her children but continues to be involved. She hosted a ladies retreat in her home. With spots for 5 people to each have their own room and snacks and drinks and lunch (and the wisdom of an organized Titus 2 woman;) I did not bring my camera:( I wish I could show you the cool paper plates and matching napkins that even matched her cute outfit, and I wished I had taken pictures of her wall arrangements and had a chance to read through their family's amazing library.

Do you see the distractions I find? hence the much needed day away and set aside. SOOO, on my husband's day off, I ran off and left him with an unorganized home and uncooperative children and spent the day praying over and pouring over our schedule. I printed out chore sheets from and brought my handy planner and MOTH sheets.

I have started this process over and over each year but never fully completed our schedule because I didn't have a block of time or the right surrounding. I'm hesitant to show you because I haven't worked the kinks out and don't want you to think I'm neglecting anyone or anything. Those things will come in time-right?

**I should probably add that two of our children are involved in an Art/Science/Bible Co-o on Fridays, our boys are active in Boy Scouts and our daughter in a Keepers at Home Group, our schedule does include a bedtime routine and family worship, I need longer paper:)

I made copies for each of my older kids to go over and will look at the chore charts with them soon. We don't start school until after Labor Day (I'm old fashioned like that--AND we still have two more birthday celebrations in our home)

I'm pondering a prettier way to display the MOTH schedule than the color coded chart. silly I know but have any ideas?

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Great Deal on Diapers!

Just got an amazing deal on diapers on Amazon. I got 100 size 4 pampers cruisers for 16.99 shipped!!

I signed up for the subscribe and save plan (which saves you 15% and you get free shipping-you choose how often things come and can cancel each item ANYTIME) then there is another special right now for an additional 15% off diapers and supplies THEN there is a on time only use coupon in this month's parenting magazine for 20% off diapers......


SOOO loving amazon right now:)

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Free" DVDs?

Wanna hear my new hobby? First I went through all of our VHS tapes and treid to convert only to DVD. Our three year old son however is obsessed with Snow White. He sings "Im fishing! Im fishing! For the one I love..hahahahaha" Some VHS will stay for now.

We have been using PaperBack Swap for some time now with very good results but never ventured over to DVD swap. Not sure why.

I finally did and OH MY OH MY!!

You must check it out!!

I got rid of Dorah dvds and the Wiggles and ones I picked up for under a dollar at yard sales and thrift stores and I'm trading for things like Davey and Goliath (LOVE those classic cartoons) and the Jim Elliot documentaries--things I totally would have paid for.

Check it out! And if you do join, would you mention that I referred you?

Many wouldnt think this is very Green or Thrifty...but it works for me:)

Linking up on the Green Blog Hop, Works for Me Wednesday,the 46th Penny Pinching Party

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NOT Going To Blog-Her..Wanna be freinds?

There are times when Blogging makes me feel like one of the not so cool kids. Like when it feels like EVERYONE who is anyone is going to a cool blog conference and bonding without me. I get annoyed with myself for having the mentality of a middle schoolers during those times. There are other times when I am so inspired and enriched form just a few minutes with a "friend" via cyberspace and all centering around time with my family and little ones who need me.

I am participating in th No go Blog-Her lilnk up and am going to answer a few interview questions Ok?

When did you start blogging?

I had been reading blogs for awhile but starting my own when I was about to deliver my 5th baby. Not very good timing:)

Why did you start blogging?

As a live journal, to document the good days for the bad days. To show others that we arent all Mrs. Cleaver or perfect and thats OK. I know it wasnt a very good time to start and I havent always given 100% but sometimes you just need to step out and do what you can instead of waiting for the perfect time to come. It may not come.

What is one thing you are going to do this week that is WAY cooler than going to BlogHer?

Hmmm...I dont know about cooler ( remember my fighting those terms?) but I know that I am needed her right now. AND as providence would have it I spent August 5th (my sons birthday) and August 6th in bed with a horrendous flu. So glad I didnt take that with me!!

Share a post that you think says a lot about you are, or is your favorite. (share the link in YOUR post so we all can see)This is a hard one. I have pondering that for some time... Here are 3 chioces for today

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