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Monday, October 19, 2009

Activism and my Current Calling

I did a lot of activism and volunteer work before children. In college I volunteered as a counselor at a Crisis Pregnancy Center. I then became a "sidewalk counselor" in front of Planned Parenthood. We were pretty organized and each took one day to stand and pray and be available. I saved money and took summer school classes and was there 5 days a week. (I think many people thought I was their assigned person that day..I never thoguth much of it. I didn't need the recognition. I was doing what I was supposed to) I then became the Director of the Crisis Pregnancy Center. I also did some small stuff with Operation Rescue. I later brought the ACLJ to Santa Barbara to fight an un-constitutional city ordinance. We did win.

Why did I just tell you all that? Do I think I'm cool because of it? NO. I AM feeling pretty "uncool" now. My heart is still there, praying, helping reaching out. But most days I am: home, in my pajamas, teaching children to read, discussing theology, doing dishes, laundry, changing diapers....I no longer reach out of my four walls.

(don't think that is really me? maybe not..but mess up the hair, add pajama pants, tone down the dinner a bit, its getting closer:)
I have done some work with the Crisis Pregnancy Center here but not as Id like to. My children have raised money and walked in the yearly Walk For Life. I helped with a parenting class. We aren't really involved. There is no time in this season and I'm feeling shallow and silly for it. I didn't look for recognition a few years ago. Why all of a sudden? I guess we were promised that our children would "rise" and call us blessed not that we'd look "cool" in the formative years :)I'm not very outwardly motivated. I just want ME to know that I am doing what I should be.

One of my favorite blogs is Resolved 2 Worship

Alyssa is an amazing Christian, wife, and mom--I am so inspired by her days. She pours all she is into raising and training her children and is such an inspiration to me.

She has been getting flack for not being more politically involved and not doing "more" ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I think by raising these boys:

In the fear and admonition of the Lord, teaching then right from wrong, teaching them of a mothers love and respect for those smaller and weaker that she is doing far more for our country and its future than anything I could come up with.

She has been entrusted with the care, training and discipleship of four boys and three girls. Wow huh? Most recently their beautiful family was blessed with this newcomer:

Alyssa's calling seems so clear to me...SOOO..does that mean that I too should focus on my current calling and not beat myself up over all that I am "not" doing? Hmm.. I am so not cool like she is, I don't do half of what she does...then again maybe I do. That isn't really the point is it?

Sooo...Im pondering this and realize that we need to pick up my sons' eyeglasses a half hour away and that we need gas. We race out the door and to the gas station. Im balancing our checkbook in my head and figuring out how much gas I need and can get. I apologize to the older gentleman in line behind us because I am taking far too long. He steps out of the vehicle and comes up to me. He reads the bumper stickers "It is a poverty to decide that someone should die so that you can live as you wish-Mother and "Some Choices Are Wrong" on our 10 year old mini-van.

He asks, "are you pro-life?" We talked for awhile. He raised 4 sons and now has many many grandchildren. We talked about how blessed he is. He is Catholic. I am a reformed Presbyterian. We found common ground and were a blessing to each other. I realized in talking to him that this is where my "activism" and convictions match up with my walk. Where the rubber meets the road so to speak. I am not going beyond my four walls. But what I am doing in those four walls will impact the world. I am raising 5 children to know Christ. We are feeding, clothing and sheltering them on less that $1,800 a month (and much much Godly generosity and Grace) that isn't convenient or selling out. That is the Current Calling of my heart and life. Glamorous or not:)

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Rachelle said...

I think you're very cool! You have the patience to teach your children, the patience to teach them things that I could barely keep my eyes open in school to learn about. You are resorceful, and do what you have to for your family.And, You cook which is uber bonus points in this house. :) Sometimes I'm not sure if I'll ever know what my one calling is, it's tough to say. I'm a woman with many hats, as are you. :)


Debbie said...

Kathy, I just found you through SITS but I think we could be very good friends! I struggle with the same issues. I often feel I don't "walk the walk". But I do truly feel my calling is to raise my four children. But mine are getting older so I feel like now is the time for me to start a little more action. I really enjoyed this post.

christy said...

Kathy, you have always been able to make the case for life in a strong and nonwimpy fashion. (Remember when I couldn't decide on the issue? HELLO! I will say that Barbara Boxer made me permanently pro-life when I heard her speak at the pro choice rally in SB. By the time she'd finished by saying, "Stand up for Pro Choice!" I was firmly seated... Thanks for speaking truth to me during that time!)

Raising your kids and staying in those four walls for now is a good choice for the future.

Kimberly said...

One word...Amazing!

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

That was a great and stong post. The work that we are doing in our homes is the most important work to be done.

Tonya said...

Great post.
Visiting from SITS. Have a great day!

Maricris Zen Mama said...

I think that as moms we come to a certain point in our lives when we feel we're stuck in a rut and not doing what we're passionate about and we feel uninspired because we're doing everything for everyone except for ourselves. Raising a family is a full time job and that is great achievement all by itself. We should have a trophy for being just mothers!

Paula said...

Hi Kathy, I am stopping by from SITs. Lots of big thoughts in this post. It took me a long time to feel like what I was doing was "enough," but I struggle with it every day. Tonight I was asking my boyfriend if he noticed that "my head is always going" ... I can't turn it off. I've got more ideas and passion than I have time for. So I have to believe that every day I've done my part and that God is pleased with that.

It's nice to have been introduced to your blog :) Have a great weekend!

Vivienne said...

Who cares about glamour?
Don't compare yourself to others, just check back if what you're doing is what you want/ feel is the right thing to do. It honors you to want to reach out more, but on the other hand we're "just" human and raising your kids to respectful people is a great job!
Checking in from SITS, enjoy your weekend :)

Emma Hughes said...

Love your post. It made me teary even.

Have a great weekend with your family. x

Anonymous said...

Hello and good morning! you has a really great Blog! This is pure family luck! Many greetings Jana

Shannon said...

Beautiful site! I love your photo at the top! Visting from SITS, I think your site is great!


InspiredDreamer said...

Hi Kathy, Happy SITS Saturday! You wondered how to get more followers, and I think that getting in on the first page of the Roll-Call is a good start! :)

I love your words here. You really open up about yourself, and when you talk about your friend at the other blog, you answer your own questions about yourself.

Have an Extraordinary Day!

Millennium Housewife said...

You know, just clicking onto your blog I had a wonderful moment of peace - and this from a non believer! I think that whatever you do in life, if you do it with true intent to do the utmost good you cannot fail but to bring other people's life into peace and harmony. Love what you are doing now, send your children into the world to do the good you taught them, and then pick up again where you left off. Not only will you be doing good, your children will too - how many people can be touched by your experience? Millions. xx

Young Wife said...

Hello! I just found your blog on SITS. I'm reformed, too. Being a mother and a housewife may not be glamorous, but it is a beautiful thing.

Twincerely,Olga said...

stopping infrom SITS!Great post! You are raising the next generation of future leaders of our nation!!! That is HuGe!!!!You Rock!!!

Life with Kaishon said...

Just popping over from SITS. So glad to read this today. I think God has different spots for us as we grow.Right now his most important thing for you to do is raise your beautiful children : ) and He will give you little opportunities to share Him and encourage others in the most unexepected ways!

Helen Joy said...

Such a beautiful post. I feel like that a lot. Just a year ago, I was free to do whatever I could to help out. I had energy and passion to give toward helping others. Sometimes I feel like I'm so intraverted now. Just raising my son and trying to get by. But you are completely right. I am raising a son to love the Lord and there is no higher calling than that.

Raisingarrows said...

We live a different life, don't we? Oh, but I wouldn't trade it for the world! Great post!
Amy @ Raising Arrows

Dianna@KennedyAdventures said...

beautiful, beautiful post. You are witnessing the beauty of your pro-life calling with your family,pure and simple. Your children need you at home, teaching and guiding the, Later, you can do more outside your 4 walls. God bless!