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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Week in Review

I didnt like leaving this blog, or last week, on the note it was left on. The week held a lot of praying, pondering, counting to 10...I was looking for answers when I knew what to do and just needed to hunker down and give everything back to God. Circumstances are feeling better now :) There have been changes and apologies made.

A dear friend of mine, an old friend of mine, suffered a terrible loss this week. She is the youngest sister (10 years younger) to a family Ive had since high school. I spent Christmas's with them for many many years. I used to drag that little girl everywhere with me. She lit the candles in my wedding......her 5 year old son died this week. He was hit by a truck. I KNOW that that happens, does she go on? I know that she will... but what does that even look like? Please pray. I know that is all we CAN do.

We are doing some upgrades in these here parts--photos to follow.

We had a mandatory quiet time each day, because "maybe you don't need to rest, but some of us do." There were unhappy children, but I actually got phone calls made, sweet daughter worked on hand stitching, and my husband and and I talked (it lasted for udner 10 minutes but felt monumental.) We're all feeling a little better for it.