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Sunday, June 29, 2008

No Baby Yet!

Well, nothing worth reporting is is happening at our house. I think I will report anyway though :)

Saturday, June 28th was my due date. I was very annoyed with my husband who wouldn't take time off work because "you could have the baby two weeks after your due date." Now, why would I do that? I have had three babies before their due dates. (Luke was "late" though. ) He finally did get Monday and Tuesday off but I am still annoyed that he said I could go over the due date.

I KNOW that the baby will come when it is time, but this is soo hard. I have been having Braxton Hicks but not consistent and nothing "real." For a few hours each day I have consistent, pretty intense contractions that last a few hours and then stop. I was also breaking out in a funky sweat which I was sure meant something. Apparently, it is hormones because I am going to have a baby soon. What is soon? Uh..somewhere between a few hours and a few weeks.

We had a friend come up from Santa Barbara on Saturday. That night, she drove to a grocery store a few blocks away to get something and got a flat tire. So, now she's stuck here until we can get her tire repaired. Which could work out very well for us because she could watch our older kids while I have the baby. It could also work against us because Josh will be spending the day getting her tire fixed which could back fire if I need him here. Lots more unknowns :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Ready or Not?

I am still not wrapping my mind around having a baby this week.

I washed all the newborn clothes and put together the cradle. I dont have cradle sheets that fit and I bought a plastic dresser to put the baby's clothes in and it's too small :(

I took over my daughter's bedroom and set up the birthing supplies in there. We spent more than a day setting up and trying out the birthing tub and then figuring out how to syphon and empty it. SOOO glad that didn't happen while I was laboring.

We celebrated my oldest's 12h birthday.

Not sure how I call people to tell them Im in labor or get everything done in time. I know its not really possible to plan. BUT there is laundry and dishes and meal planning and bill juggling and discipline and relationships and.....Normal life has not stopped. Can I make everything stop when the baby gets here?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How Much is Too Much?

How Much is Too Much? I read a blog today by a woman that I have met. Somehow she managed to see my heart, way over here in CA, and put my babbling wonderings into eloquence.We are realtional people. Realtionships are hard. We need to work out our feelings about them. BUT where do we do that?

I am married to a wonderful wonderful man of God. There are times when I think he is the biggest jerk in the world, how dare he, how could I have been so stupid to marry him....This usually pass quickly when I realize that he didn't even hear the question that I thought he was ignoring, etc. We KNOW not to share feelings or wodnerings about our relationships with our freinds (that are not invovled) or immortalize them in black and white. I have always wondered about a private journal. Is that gossip? Is it wise? What if your "private" journal is on the internet and "out there" for everyone?

So...where does that leave my blogging life? I should keep it light and airy and happy and good for all. After all, isnt that what Christianity is? Oh goodness no! NO! Not in my life! My life is a series of stumbles and realizations made whole only by God's continual Grace adn redemption. If you look into my life, you see how ugly I am and how beautiful HE is. IF I let you in.Where does that leave my blogging