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Friday, August 5, 2011

Family Gallery my way

We have lived in this house for 20 months now.

 Almost 2 years. Still does not seem real. Life is easier, everything nicer, seems too good to be true. Like we are just visiting.  I wanted to do something to make it ours; show that we live here.

A family gallery wall seemed fitting. You aren't expecting a tutorial on the right way to do this, are you? Maybe if you are new to this blog and we've never met you may be. I need to warn you. Not how things are done around here. My version is a comforting: If SHE can pull that off I definitely can.

I wanted a family picture gallery. So I studied amazing ones. I found huge linkys and went through each one figuring out what I liked. I grew impatient.

I waited for sales and printed pictures. I waited for more sales and bought Command strips. Slowly. Very very slowly I prepared. I am so very impatient and this got REALLY old quickly.
There is this nice hallway in "our" house that had some holes in the wall. I found a sign at Ross for $4. that reads: "Family: The Lord has done great thing for our family  Psalm 126:3." I stuck nails in the holes and the sign fit. I KNOW that you are "supposed" to cut out newsprint or brown paper to the right sizes and play with your configuration. Really didn't have the time or the patience. I got sticky tack and started sticking

pictures up as they were printed. 
 I went to the 99 cents store and stocked up on frames.

Whenever I had a few minutes I would pull a picture off the wall, frame it, attach Command strips and press. Few days later another and another.....

Here it is now.

The walls are a deep taupe. I took this picture at night and then my batteries died. I just bought new ones but they all dissappeared. I will post now and hopefully add updated pictures later. but I think you get the idea ;)  I think the gallery wall  is done but there are no guarantees that I won't keep adding around the edges...

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