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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Playtex Bra Makeover

I know we have all heard the statistics about how many women are wearing ill-fitting bras( seven out of 10) I know that 99% of us have looked in the mirror in horror knowing that does indeed apply to us:)

Have you seen the new contest with playtex?


10 women will be flown to New York for a bra fitting with Style and Fit expert Alison Deyette. They will also each be featured in their own webisode. Very Cool.

We all must enter! BECAUSE Real Women Have Real Bra Problems!

AND my blogging freinds, the first 100 bloggers to post about this event will recieve a free bra from Playtex:)

I was not compensated for this post and my opinion that you should enter is just my opinion. I was not promised a bra but really hope I am one of those first 100:)

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