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Monday, September 26, 2011

The Holidays are coming!!

Despite the warm weather and slow start we are getting into the academic year--The holidays are coming. Check the calendar for yourself: It is now Autumn. Are you ready? Do you want to avoid the aplnning mistakes you made last year? No last minute gift buying for the really important person that you forgot. No more running out for last minute pizza for cranky kids that had enjoyed a day of holiday festivities, so much so that their frazzled mom forgot dinner. I am working toward these things and have a great tool to get me there.

I have you told you the past few years about how much I LOOVE Sheri Grahams 12 week- Holiday planner.  I still do:) I am a slow learner and each year I utilize more and more aspects of this great planner.

Honestly, just HAVING a holiday planner has helped me so mcuh. Sheri has thought of so many things that I woudlnt have and somehow she managed to organize them all in. Things like doubling meals in October and freezing for those busy nights of Holiday parties sounds so clever but is worth its weight in gold when actually planned out and written down. Sheri's keeps your eyes on Christ and serving your family. That organization, encouragement, and focus is precisely what your holidays need.
If you join me and start using this great planner October 1st you too can:

-Have Your Christmas Gifts planned, bought and wrapped by the first of December
-Have Your Christmas Letter written and ready to mail around Thanksgiving
-Plan Your Holiday Menus so you don’t even think about it when Thanksgiving rolls around
-Have Enough Time to give Homemade Gifts to your friends and family
-Have all Your Baking Supplies on Hand when You Need Them
-Have Your Gifts Shipped In Time for Christmas

Here is what's in the 12 Week Holiday Planner to create such magic?
-Blank Monthly and Weekly Calendar pages for Planning Your Holidays
-Weekly “To Do” Lists – Shows You exactly what needs to be Done Each Week
-Thanksgiving and Christmas Menus Forms
-Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Recipe Card Forms
-A Holiday Self-Evaluation Form – Prioritize So You Celebrate Your Ideal Christmas
-Shopping Lists
-Items to Do This Week  (Giving you a Ready Made Plan  from the first week of October til Christmas)
-Christmas Craft and Gift Ideas
-Memory Making Ideas for the Family
-Holiday Journal Pages

USER-FRIENDLY: Forms, Plans, Pages and Tips.

you can view some sample pages HERE

(I am an affiliate for this planner, because I really really believe in it. I will earn a commission for any purchases made from links listed in this post. )

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