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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Product Reviews

Sometimes I forget to share things with you because I assume that if even I know about something that everyone does else does too. I assume I'm the last to know. I shared with you ladies some time back that I'd like to do product reviews on this blog. I failed to mention the amazing liaison that I found in doing this.

Apparently when you have 5 gajillion followers and are super uber awesome companies know who you are and contact you. Not so if you are me. I would have to cold call companies hoping to find one that is interested. I may be a great  fit for a company but they wouldn't know how to find me.

Enter Business2Blogger and the beauty of product reviews. You contact them with your company info and what you would like done. You offer a compensation of some sort and tell them what you are looking for: a blog with atleast 4 gazillion page views? a family blog? a fashion blog? a blog of any size? a small blog talking about homeschooling? Business2Blogger finds THOSE blogs and asks them if they are interested. Those blogs write why they are interested and Business2Blogger contacts the business with the bloggers info allowing them to choose the best fit. Doesn't that just make sooo much sense?

I have done some great reviews through Business2Blogger. I was given opportunities to work with large companies that would not have known me otherwise and smaller companies (like a stay at home Mom needing reviewers for her e-books) that became good friends.

I know first hand the benefits of product reviews for bloggers. This is also a HUGE opportunity for businesses big and small. There is so much power in the word of mouth. I don't buy anything because of the flashy commercials that I see on Super Bowl Sunday. I do, however listen to people I consider friends. Bloggers feel like trusted friends. Weird I know, but here we are.

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