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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First Day of School

We don't start school until after this little lady's birthday:

So on September 7th. The weather went from Summer to Autumn just like that. I was up very very early and made breakfast. If you know me well, you may not believe it. Stayed cozy in my PJs for way too long.

We tried really hard to stick to THIS schedule. Except for losing a few math books:)

We were all cheery and sweet and on task. Seriously!! Everyone was so kind and excited. I fell apart around noon and everyone was kind about that too:)

We did have our share of mishaps like when I yelled "Where is my coffee?" from one side of the house and my two year old find it on the other end of the house and brought it to me. Apparently, he has quite a swagger and I had lost my coffee a lot earlier than I realized (it was cold:)

Our first day of school did go remarkably well. It has been several weeks and I still havent posted this--although it was written in it's entirety that day. Why? because after that first day EVERYTHING fell apart. I have spent my days since then trying to repair and revamp and rebuild. I figure I can get it running smoothly by the Holidays. Then we'll take a nice break and start all over again:)

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