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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Oh I love this!!!

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NOT just the IDEA of winning stuff but visiting all the feels like a big craft fair, with socializing....

If you only have a few minutes:

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How much fun woulf these be on an Autumn afternoon?!?!

and how cute is this? IN PINK!


Diapers have been a big concern on my mind lately.

Our cost of living is going up. Not because of having a baby. The cost to heat our home, heat our water, have water, food in the grcoery store...all those things have gone up. We were barely scraping by before the increase, now we are running out of money every two weeks. We have so many phone calls about over due bills and I am so embarassed.

At one point in our lives, we had three little ones in cloth diapers. A good friend of mine set me up with her old ones and many that she had made. She also showed me how to contact WAHM to try out tehir diapers and write reviews. (Man, I miss Kellie, she really knows her stuff.) Then we made a move accross the state and everything changed and cloth diapers no longer worked for us. I ended up selling our cloth diapers and I cried. I dont know exactly what those diapers represented to me, maybe it was saying to me that I coudln't have any more babies?

Here I am just a few years later with two in diapers. My youngest is almost 4 months old and I have JUST used up the stock pile I was given when he was born. It's coming down to, do I buy food for dinner or do I buy diapers....What I am thinking through is wether or not cloth diapers are the "solution" for us right now. I applied at and was accepted BUT I didnt have the $15.00 shipping per child to order the free cloth diapers, and we were dealing with Gabriel's birth surprises and Drs. visits. As usual, I am beating myself up because I didnt buy enough diapers when they were on sale at Walgreens and I didnt stretch the money husband is beating himself up that he doesn't have a better job.....this is getting us nowhere...Incidentally, my husband just found chlorine free diapers for 16 cents each and Walgreens is having another big sale. He is also getting a raise at work due to a union strike, we don't know how much or how much the retroactive check will be or when.....
Does anyone have an opinion on our diaper "situation?" Looking at the cost of cloth diapers Im not sure how much it would really help. I need t know before I make the monetary investment...I also need diapers now....