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Sunday, October 12, 2008


Camping was wonderful! My friend did EVERYTHING while I stood there in awe of how much work everything was. I realize that I have no ownership over this dear friend but it seems weird to use someone's name on your blog if they arent also a blogger...

My dear friend: planned everything, did everything, planned the menu around our annoying dietary issues and then paid for all the food. Yes, she bought everything. We went shopping together and then when we were done I tried to pay for half and she said "no" I said "no" then added that I didnt mean for her to do that. She said that she had meant to. Did I graciously and allow her to bless my family? OH NO I argued and she replied that she had more money than we do to do this. Did I let that go? OH NO! I retorted "BUT THATS NOT YOUR PROBLEM!!" Is there a verse anywhere about being a gracious receiver? She also gave my two year old a Thomas the Tank Engine sleeping bag.

This is my first attempt at blogging a may want to scroll down and pause the background music..or maybe you'd rather hit mute altogether.....

I learned many rules of camping:

1/ no soda
2/ no electronic entertainment
3/ dirt is OK
4/ it'll dry
5/ no shoes in the tent

I snuck soda and my 10 year old rule lover FLIPPED OUT. I dont even drink soda often, but because someone said I couldnt....

I had gotten my two year old a very cute stuffed monkey backpack/leash. It worked well but I cringed everytime a little girl would ask me if she could "walk him."

The past week or so has been stressful for me and my hands are doing that hormonaly related thing they do:
Not pretty huh. Its also pretty painful and bloody.

This was "family camp" weekend with BSA and it truly was a family friendly crowd. At about 5am my two year old woke up and had enough of camping. ALthough I was sleeping enxt to him he screamed "MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY" for awhile. Then my 3 month old woke up and demanded to be nursed. He has never demanded anything before but he really menat this. Ofcourse being woken up, I had to go to the bathroom but they wouldnt let me leave. The next day people commented about when "the baby's went off" and said they wanted to help but werent sure what to do.

My dear friend knows that I am a coffee drinker so she brought coffee just for me. She got up early and started to boil water. I right away saw the word "DECAF" and grabbed her cute stainless steel mug ready to make a run for it--I made a new friend who always had one enamelware pot of coffee warm and one brewing. How's that for gratitude?

There were no camp fires allowed because of fire warning. I thought that camping REQUIRED a fire-but what do I know. I dont normally come accross as prissy, but boy was I out of my element!!

Great weekend. Great time away to put things to the back of my mind. Wonderful wonderful friendship.