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Sunday, June 29, 2008

No Baby Yet!

Well, nothing worth reporting is is happening at our house. I think I will report anyway though :)

Saturday, June 28th was my due date. I was very annoyed with my husband who wouldn't take time off work because "you could have the baby two weeks after your due date." Now, why would I do that? I have had three babies before their due dates. (Luke was "late" though. ) He finally did get Monday and Tuesday off but I am still annoyed that he said I could go over the due date.

I KNOW that the baby will come when it is time, but this is soo hard. I have been having Braxton Hicks but not consistent and nothing "real." For a few hours each day I have consistent, pretty intense contractions that last a few hours and then stop. I was also breaking out in a funky sweat which I was sure meant something. Apparently, it is hormones because I am going to have a baby soon. What is soon? Uh..somewhere between a few hours and a few weeks.

We had a friend come up from Santa Barbara on Saturday. That night, she drove to a grocery store a few blocks away to get something and got a flat tire. So, now she's stuck here until we can get her tire repaired. Which could work out very well for us because she could watch our older kids while I have the baby. It could also work against us because Josh will be spending the day getting her tire fixed which could back fire if I need him here. Lots more unknowns :)