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Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Free" DVDs?

Wanna hear my new hobby? First I went through all of our VHS tapes and treid to convert only to DVD. Our three year old son however is obsessed with Snow White. He sings "Im fishing! Im fishing! For the one I love..hahahahaha" Some VHS will stay for now.

We have been using PaperBack Swap for some time now with very good results but never ventured over to DVD swap. Not sure why.

I finally did and OH MY OH MY!!

You must check it out!!

I got rid of Dorah dvds and the Wiggles and ones I picked up for under a dollar at yard sales and thrift stores and I'm trading for things like Davey and Goliath (LOVE those classic cartoons) and the Jim Elliot documentaries--things I totally would have paid for.

Check it out! And if you do join, would you mention that I referred you?

Many wouldnt think this is very Green or Thrifty...but it works for me:)

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