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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Simple Nutrition Giveaway (Birthday Bash)

Amanda. Gosh I love her. She is the oldest of 10 children. Our families have spent A LOT of time together. A LOT of time. Through good times and bad times. I have gotten to know Amanda as a child, and as an adult. I have a lot of respect for her and for the way she has become a young woman without rebellion and without the sneaking and lying and mistakes that many of us considered part of growing up.

I have been watching and taking notes as many people a few steps ahead of me are letting go of their teens and young adults as they start their own lives. I am watching strong, smart and respectful Amanda do it and we could all take notes. Amanda is at home, with her parents, going to school and praying for her future spouse. As she prepares to be a mom and wife she has been looking into her health and fitness and God opened the doors to Shaklee. Amanda researched and learned about Shaklee and it's benefits for her life and she now has a succesful business brewing. A business that will continue to thrive when she steps back to plan a wedding and chase toddlers, whenever that may be. If only I had my ducks in a row way back then. Like I said: We should be taking notes.

Be sure to visit Amanda's blog:  MandisMusings

Amanda knows how to have a party and is the kind of friend who would stay for the clean up and lend a hand. She has brought us something near and dear to my heart.
She will be giving away a bottle of Basic H:

I got my first bottle over a year ago and have been using t for EVERYTHING that I do. EVERYTHING. Any cleaning that I do I honestly use this stuff. OK for scrubbing out the sinks and cleaning the oven I do use Shaklee's Scour Off. But to clean windows, clothing stains, my travertine stone, carpets, and everything else I use Basic H. What is more amazing is that it is so concentrated that I have been using the same bottle for years.

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to try it. Thank you. :)