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Friday, November 13, 2009

Help for my living room?

I have showed you my living room before. In all its glory:
I got an amazing deal on couches and worked on this room a bit....I was hesitant to show you the room because it isn't *done*. I'm not sure what ever is really *done*

A lot has changed in here that I am excited about but it is no way near designer show room AND the room is really small and needs to serve a lot of purposes:)

**I found some Waverly drapes at Good Will, for $10.00 a panel, they are washable and lined.

**There is NO light in this room despite the great lamps I got at a hotel storage closeout...I bought this at the thrift store AND bought some metallic paint in a color that I isn't perfect, but it was $7.00 and we now have light :)

**The brown and black pillows came with the couches. I'm trying to figure out how to cover them without sewing:) The smaller pillows are covered with Dollar Tree Slip covers.

**The oil painting next to the door is also part of my recent "inheritance"

**I got a cream colored knitted throw from Target for $10.00. I lOOOVE it and it feels like Autumn when I curl up in it on "my" new couches:)

If you have any suggestions of things that *I* can actually DO or work towards....please share!!

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wendy said...

Ooo, how fun! I think the floral chair could be slip-covered in a solid color, the walls painted in a trendy, neutral taupe/coffee (everything stands out as individual pieces against the white, making it seem busier), and the pillows covered to compliment the curtains. Then, minimize the visual clutter by arranging your bookshelf stuff monochromatically where possible, ie: natural-colored baskets to match the natural-colored wood. I'd love to sew some pillow covers for you if I had measurements and a fabric! :D
...I'm excited for you, but I really don't know what I'm talking about. You should see the disaster that is MY living room! ;)

Rachelle said...

I love it. The throw is DELISH.. a new room for a steal! Can't beat that.. :)

Fruitful Vine2 said...

Congratulations on your new couches. Enjoy!

Came over via SITS.

Debbie said...

I'm afraid I am a decorating klutz! But like you, I love a good, soft throw.

Christine H. said...

It's looking good. You have the same front door and living room set-up that we have. How funny!

edie said...

I love the sofas Kathy! I'm so happy for you and have been thinking about you lately. I think Wendy is right about painting the walls a warm neutral. I'm getting ready to do my bathroom a color like that---I think it's called 'warm biscuit' actually---from Sherwin Williams---but of course I'm buying the paint from Lowe's or Home Depot because it's cheaper. That might make a big difference for little investment.

It looks great though. I wish I could load up a trailer and bring you some stuff left from my sale. It's too bulky to mail or I'd just mail it to ya!

My love and prayers for a wonderful Thanksgiving,

Michelle said...

I don't. But I LOVE the train thingy. I want one!!!!