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Monday, November 9, 2009

My Living Room

You may remember that I got a small inheritance recently. Our living room furniture was borrowed and really not cutting it.

I was searching and searching for dining room furniture...

THAT didn't fall into place: but these did:

Originally from Ashley Furniture, I scored big time at Big Lots....for $329.00 Each.

It was really really hard to hand the checker 7 $100 bills. REALLY HARD. he assured me that it was a really good deal and to check the prices at the Ashely furniture store.
WOW. Apparently, I really scored.
I also have an amazing amazing friend with what she calls her "little red wagon" This amazing trailer that folds up into almost nothing in her garage but held both couches. She had this magic elastic netting to hold the couches in and could maneuver her husband's truck and this trailer with both couches well enough to whip us into the parking lot of a Starbucks with what seemed like no effort. Wow again.

**Photos to follow:)

I shared this adventure with the ladies at:

head over there to see all their frugal ideas:)

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Sherri said...

Oooo, can't wait to see pictures. That was a great bargain.

Ronda Batchelor said...

I love to see other mothers who are living life and teaching their children about God. I like you have full days with 6 kids and some dramas that have really affected our lives, but like you I choose to turn to God and thank him for what I do have. Keep blogging.

Unknown said...

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