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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mommy Recovery/Nesting

"The ordinary arts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest."
~ Thomas Moore

Gabriel is now 2 weeks old. My midwife said to rest a day for each person in your home. That gives me a week. Two of those days I was out all day at Drs. appts for Gabriel. Our church and local homeschool group brought us meals for a week. WHAT a blessing that was--no planning, shopping or work during the "bewitching hour."

But, now here I am. I am honestly trying not to do "too much." I'm also wondering what too much is. I am bleeding still. There is so much that I WANT to do. I am sooo excited not to be sick with pregnancy and I have this beautiful baby and great family and and...I also have bouts of "all these people" and "all this activity" driving me bonkers. I sway back and forth.

My 12 year old son is trying us discipline wise BUT he has been solely taking care of his rambunctious 2 year old brother including putting him down for naps etc. That is pricelss. God Bless older children! He keeps trying to stop me from doing things and apologizing for him having not done them. As is? How would he know that I wnated a closet cleaned out RIGHT NOW. I have been moving furniture I think I may have read not to lift until 6 weeks post partrum ??) and fixing pictures on the walls and boxing up and labeling outgrown clothes etc. My mind keeps rushing to planning for the school year and excitement about Autumn. BUT what happened to summer? We NEED to do something this summer!!

Is the "what is too much" question one that is constantly asked and never really answered? Do I honestly have too much to do and that is just life? When will I stop looking so haggard and tired?

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Kerri said...

Hi Kathy,
Oh, you poor dear soul, I can totally feel the weight that in your heart. just remember this is a season in our lives, a very special one. Personally i think moving furniture is definitely doing too much :-) But that is my humble opinion. All these things will get done, just not now. Snuggle that baby, nurse him, love him, stroke his soft head.... your children are all learning amazing things just by wathcing you do that, and by being helpful around the house. My two oldest girls have been very helpful (almost 11 and a just turned 9 yo.) however inbetween being helpful I have them being catty with each other, not sharing, arguing, etc.
They are still in training ;-) If we were closer I would send you some of my freezer meals! I spent a bunch of time before the birth making up extra meals. At the time i was taking time away from us doing other things, but it will pay off on this side of the birth. Maybe if you have to cook, double or triple a recipe. Save some for later next week. Cut up your stuff in the AM when things are not so hectic. Things like that. I found myself overwhelmed with my 4th child. The house was a wreck (after of course it was in perfect order when I went into labor), the children out of control, and having no family, and we just moved to the area so a new church body. Somehow we survived :-) Really take the time to just recover, you will get better faster and get back into the swing of things faster as well.

you have a precious family, and a wonderful new blessing to indulge in.

Take care,