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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Raingutter Regala 08

PhotobucketThis will be one of our last Cub Scout events for awhile. Come February, we will have two boys in Boy Socuts and none in Cub Scouts for atleast 4 years. This is always a fun event. The boys sand, paint and design their own boats and then, with straws, blow them down a rain gutter filled with water. There were some really creative boats: a few pirate ships, some lego men captains, and one boat with working headlights.

Events on Sundays are hard for us--we rushed home from church, didn't eat lunch and we were STILL 25 minutes late :) My husband left to get us snacks (took my camera) and came back right as we were done. He felt horrible but our kids had a great time and didnt care :)

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