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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I have been thinking about what I am doing here. I am thinking about doing some reviews. And giveaways. My intention isn't to become the biggest or the best or the most professional. My desire is not to be those things....but...blame it on the sickness we can't shake, the hormones that won't settle..I have been feeling like a gawky freshman who can't find her niche'.

My blog will do. But I dont know how to change the background without losing everything, you cant read the blog title on the header, it is cluttered, hard to read, without a button. I dont speak HTML, I dont have $100 to have someone else do it...

BUT Lori over at
has teamed up with

and are giving away a FREE blog makeover!!

Will you cross your fingers for/with me and drop me a comment about what I should or should not change?


Sarah said...

It's really not too difficult to change your background, I promise! If you need help let me know.

Kimberly Retallack said...

Well I made a blog page with the same site and will look at how to change the background. I am assuming you want to do more then just change the template.

The Momma said...

I changed mine by myself, it took a couple tries but it was really easy! What kind of look are you going for?

Anonymous said...

ehh.. love this .

Anonymous said...

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