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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


 It's no secret that we live well on very little money. Most of it is completely God's Grace and nothing smart or clever on my part. I guess though, that He has taught me a few things along the way. I'm also a little quirky, was raised by people who survived and thrived in the depression and 'm very very cheap. I'm not going to judge you for using paper plates, or paper towels or disposable anything. I hadn't realized though that people do laugh at my quirky ways.

One of those is not using disposables. Now, I do sell Tupperware. BUT I did these things before I did. I wonder too, if I sell Tupperware because if these ways. Any which way.

These are loose and not hard and fast rules but we store left overs in Tupperware or glass.

When we take lunch somewhere, my husband brings two sandwiches in a Tupperware sandwich keeper set. If we are bringing lunch for all of us: we make sandwiches, cut them in half and put in a container and then bring plates for each of us. Sometimes I just bring peanut butter, honey, bread and a spreader and we make sandwiches where we are:)

When I started making meals for the freezer, I slowly invested in freezer storage. I couldn't stomach the extra pennies to store each meal that I was making to save money. That was 15 years ago and I'm still using the same containers. Those pennies added up.

I have a chart showing the cost of disposables vs Tupperware. It is helpful having someone do the math of how muich one sandwhich bag 5 days a week costs in one year.
***The chart is a PDF file and I can NOT figure out how to share it here. If you know how woudl you email me? Eller at i love Jesus dot net. If you'd like your own copy of the nice chart, email me and I will email it to you:) **

Back to the chart: Honestly, they spent more than I would. For instance they give the cost of the Sponge bob Sandwich keeper set. I would have bought the neutral set, on sale. Again I'm not judging:)

I am joking about the judging, because who would? But I am also reminded of how hard we can be on ourselves. You have been sick in bed on bedrest and rech for disposbale diapers, feed your kids on paper plates and order take out. Are you a bad mom? Not in my book. You use paper plates and show up to the park with Happy Meals while I am making our PBJ on the parkbench, I dont judge. There are many seasons and many different ways to do things. I share these habits, maybe quirks of mine in case they can help in some way. If they don't, you're welcome to laugh at me.


Jenifer Harrod said...

I appreciate your point of view. For almost all of my married life I have used only paper plates because I have 7 children but now that they are getting a little older )the youngest ones are 3), I have bought more real dishes and am washing more. It also helps that my husband has bought us a new dishwasher. I love Tupperware although I don't have much yet because we just don't have funds right now I do have some from garage sales. Thanks for the post. It was encouraging to me. Please come by and visit our blog. Blessings!

Heather said...

I use paper plates fairly often to save time because I have a lot of kids, a full time job, and too many extracurricular activities (that really means my kids are into lots of things and I have to drive them everywhere)so less time in the kitchen means less time with them, but I know you are right that it would save money to use real plates. I use them more now than I used to but I decided a long time ago to stop feeling guilty. We eat at home pretty much all the time now and I know that saves a lot of money. I loved your post on freezing food. If I ever get a deep freeze I plan to do a lot of freezer meals. I love your blog posts and hope you can post them more often. I like reading about your family.

Kathy said...

Funny. I'm reading back through here, distracted by my typos. I now have 6 children and am driving teens to work and activities and using more and more disposables:) at the time I wrote this, there wasn't enough money for food. We were a single income family with an injured dad. Now I can pay 10 cents for a plate. But then it would have cost us a dinner.