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Monday, December 22, 2008

I am soo excited

Well. Our van is inoperable. Will be a big expense. My husband is working on Christmas day. (I should have defrosted a turkey to cook for him on Christmas Eve) Christmas presents are not bought or wrapped (hard to do with no vehicle)......Am I busy working on these things? NO. Am I stressed out about them? NO. All I can think about is cloth diapers!! Timing is very off, I know...

Then, this morning I got a package from Miracle Diapers:

They are much nicer than I expected....very nice. I paid $25.00 shipping (that is to get them here and then back when I am done with this size, and that is for two children) The idea is just to get me started and then I slowly build up my stash.....

My little one is LOOOOVING his first Christmas tree :)

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