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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Do Whaaat?

I am feeling pretty silly. On two levels. First I feel pretty shallow mourning a store going out of business. Then I feel guilty having taken said store for granted for so long.

The Big Lots in our town is gone. The Big Lots that was just a few blocks from me. The Big Lots where I bought Waverly table cloths for $6.00, organic & dye free Mac n cheese for 65 cents, organic breakfast cereal for $2.00, baby wipes for $1.00 a pack. I was there so often. My son also reminded me that we'd buy Little Debbies there. For less than $1.00. Came in very handy on our snack night for Boy Scouts.

There is another store a half hour away. But we wont go there. I cant send my husband out for a quick errand with a toddler while I school the olders. I cant sneak there during a Scout Meeting to eat Little Debbies. I cant run over there when out of Baby Wipes. It costs $$$ to drive a half hour away.

I will miss Big Lots.

I was there when our store closed. I was actually in the store when they turned the lights out. Very surreal.

Do you have a store taht you are taking for granted? One that could fill the gaping hole left in my life by "my" Big Lots abandonement? Do you have a suggestion on where to now get the things that I use to get at Big Lots? HELP!!!


Sarah said...

You poor thing! I wish you luck in finding a new store, but unfortunately I don't really have any advice on a new store.

edie said...

That is a 'do what' moment. So sorry!