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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Having "Littles" (and a giveaway)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my children. I feel so blessed to be in a family and so honored to be entrusted with the character traininga nd nurturing of someone made in the image of God. Each time I have been pregnant I have felt so unworthy and soo grateful.

I have my hands full. I *constantly* feel like I am neglecting someone. Maybe that is good, maybe it keeps me on my toes and causing me to constantly re-evaulate.

I am a big believer in scheduling and the MOTH system in particular. Trouble here is that mom can't get to bed at a decent hour and wakes up two steps behind throwing everyone else off course. I also overestimated what I can expect of a just turned two year old. I thought I would give the first part of my day to my littles because it is most important. I thought we would go through a nursery school curricuilium and sing songs and make crafts. it never flew. Maybe I should try again. I do not want to park my toddler in front of the tv so that I can do more with my older kids.

We are invovled in a history/geography co-op this year. I am in the birth-5 age group. People had ideas of detailed lesssons and planning and crafts and....My two year old misses his two hour nap while I try to nurse my baby, change my baby, keep peace with the 4 year olds and enforce "we all sahre together" "please don't satnd on furniture" "lets not touch anyone"....maybe at this age a consistent lesson on social expectanncies is all we will get done.

I am feeling overwelmed and frustrated but I am also glad to be where I am.

If you can relate and are where I am right now..maybe you would like to enter this contest as I am :)

head on over to
and see how :)


The Momma said...

I'm here! Just silently.. I spent most of my time last week reading the entire Twilight series and re-did as much of my house as a woman can alone :)

Husband is leaving again now until Feb 4th, without coming home on the weekends.. A long 3 weeks, so I'll try to be on more :)

About the wordle, I don't remember how I did it, if you havent found out yet I'll try it again tonight and get back at you! :)

edie said...

I can't imagine how you hold on with those ages. It's makes me feel guilty to even say I feel overwhelmed at times. Can you solicit any help at all? I'm sure the older kids already help. Just to let you know that this mom is thinking of you and praying that you will be given strength for the task. Love and hugs!

Laila said...

Nice post.!! I am going to need a twin stroller soon and this one seems perfect!