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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New to Me Christmas Post

This year I am sooo incredibly thankful for our home. A year ago we were cramped into a little house with so many problems and this year is amazing and magical. Honestly, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. Our home still seems to good to be true.

Christmas trees are a big issue every year. Is it a justifiable expense when you need food and want your kids to have something to open on Christmas morning. Every year, I tear eyed grumble, "YES"  We were given a small tree by dear family friends.
It had been theirs for years and years. Then we were given another 7 1/2 foot tree that did not fit in our house.

Then when helping a friend move we ended up with another.

Can you see our third tree hiding back behind my two littlest bakers? Have you ever baked with two toddlers? I always seem to forget how much WORK it is!!

I am sooo thankful for our new to us trees and a home that fits them all (Christmas trees and bakers)

It feels odd to be searching thrift stores for practical things right now. But my boys have outgrown their pants. All of them. So, I wandered into a thrift store this week and found THIS beauty!!
Isn't she wonderful??? $6.00. My big dilemma became: "Do I buy something for ME" which soon turned to "Do we use it now or wait until Christmas?" I guess no matter how blessed one gets there are always dilemmas ;)

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Stephanie M. Page said...

Your home is beautiful and so is your tea pot. I love it! I love finding treasures!

I can relate, I feel like our home is a gift from Jesus and it has been a year and a half and I still get teary eyes when I thank him for it. God is so faithful. Merry Christmas!

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