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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree take two

It has been a long long few weeks and I am so tired. My husband and I both find ourselves falling fast asleep if and when we get a chance to sit down.

There is something about the Holiday Season that makes you count your blessings. It has been almost a year since we moved. I know I keep bragging about how wonderful this house it. but it truly is and I am grateful for each day that my family has here. It took many many miracles to get us in here and my prayer is that they continue.

You may remember me talking a few years ago about how we had no room and no money for a Christmas tree. We were given one and rammed and shoved it into our small living room. We had no room to move or live for a month but it sure was pretty:) We also have a small tree that was the main tree to dear friends of ours for years. Carting things to the thrift store for a friend we acquired another small tree. Somehow in the past year we went from barely fitting one tree to having room for three or more:) WOW. and thank you.

Here they are the day after Thanksgiving.

 I do not like colored lights. at all. My mother in law gave me some when she bought her first pre lit tree last year. So that is what is on this last tree. My littles have been taking down all the ornaments and my older boys have been breaking bulbs/ alot of them. I guess I didnt get a picture of the tree in the kitchen. I will add that later. As we get used to this house and time goes on I think they will evolve more and more:)   It will be fun to acquire more tree toppers and skirts and make ornaments this year and know where they will be going.


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misss_e said...

Lovely decorations! I especially think the snowmen are fun! My hubby and I havent had a tree yet...going on three years of marriage. I figure there is no rush!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

It looks so pretty! I love that orange color on your fireplace wall as a backdrop - so warm and cozy! Linking from the Tree Party...

Skooks said...

I used to love colored lights when I was a kid, but somewhere in high school I started digging the white lights and have never looked back. They look great! said...

HEY Kathy! Im your newest follower and LOOOOOOOOOOVIN your blog! I am TOTALLY with you on the colored lights! I love your Christmas decor and the SWEET nature of your blog! I would LOVE it if you would visit my blog and 14 days of xmas trees...a giveaway that matched your decor...Im off to read more of your blog :)



Bonnie @ House of Grace said...

Looks great!!! So many trees...I love it!
Bonnie :)