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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Scarecrows Hybernating and Snowman are Coming out of Hiding!!

We had a little mantle makeover. A year ago we were in a tiny little house and I had snowmen EVERYHWERE. This year, we are in a HUMONGOUS house and there is room for so many more:)

Here is what we came up with the day after Thanksgiving. The leaves went to the greens container and the Snowmen arrived.

I'm sure it will slowly evolve from here:) I went to the Dollar Tree and got the really cool battery-operated-no flame candle. It looks really cool all lit up. Dont know why it doesnt show in the picture. I havent gotten the trick of taking pictures of this mantle yet. It is really high and we ahve to use a ladder to get up there. Which is very nice with two toddlers under foot ;)

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