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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Saw it on Pinterest- regrowing celery

I realized the other day that I have a very active and well pinned Pinterest account but not many done projects. I am going to chronicle some for ya:)

I keep reminding you that I am not crafty. I am however very cheap and we do eat.

I saw THIS from Chickens in the Road pinned on Pinterest and it looked easy enough.

So I bought some organic celery:

cut off just the bottoms and soaked them in water:

and planted them outside.
They dried up and died. Apparently they needed more water
I started again and this time used little teacup/mugs; Because they looked cool on the counter. They stayed there until they REALLY sprouted.

Which got me thinking....if they like my nice sunny kitchen island, why move them outside? So now they sit on the island in a pot of soil. This picture is actually on the kitchen table. It moves, but continues to grow--I'll keep you posted:)


kornelius Renata said...
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Jenifer Harrod said...

I did this once this summer but I neglected it too much when it got so hat and I didn't feel well. Yours looks great!

julie said...

i do this also love it

SupermomToki said...

What a lovely idea. Especially now that it's cold and snow, we can just grow them in the house. Thank you.