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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Still Remember Me?

I have stuff to write about but it isn't getting done. Seems that a lot isn't getting done right now!

We were exposed to lice. I say exposed to because once we realized we were exposed we completely freaked out and sterilized EVERYTHING. It was a bit traumatic but I guess it was for good:) All better now. I did a ton of research and will write it all out so you don't have to go through the hours I did to find it.

We celebrated many birthdays (5 this Summer) that I want to share with you.

Today, my husband is at the Laundromat for the day and my oldest son is working on his Eagle Project. I kind of have a few free minutes and found some good deals I'll share with you in case you have some spare change you didn't just pour into a coin slot on a washing machine:)

Tanga has some great daily deals today. $5 for a wall charger that fuels 4 USB's...think Ipod/Iphone:)

 AND 12 issues of Whole Living magazine for $3.99

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